Standby Generators protect your home every second of every day, automatically supplying power in the event of a utility outage. You don’t even have to be at home. If utility power is interrupted, your Standby Power Generator detect the problem and automatically begins providing continuous power in a matter of seconds. When the power is restored it shuts off and seamlessly returns to standby mode.

Contact Thomas Edison Electric for your in-home assessment. If you already have a Standby Power Generator we service and maintain all Generac brands including Guardian, Honeywell, LG, Centurion, Eaton and Siemens

If the power goes out for an extended period of time, your food could spoil and groceries are too expensive for that to happen. Also, important medication that needs refrigeration could become useless.
Tv’s Tablets, computers. A Standby Power Generator will keep them up and running. Your security systems will also be protected.
Whether it’s in raging snow storm in winter or a bad storm in summer you can rest assured you will be warm and cozy or cool and comfortable and all your loved ones and valuables will be protected.
when you lose your power no matter how dark it is outside it will always be bright and comfortable inside your home.
You need water to drink, wash and flush but you don’t want running water in your basement. With a Standby Power Generator, your water as well as your sump pump will keep running. A generator also takes the worries of freezing pipes away.

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